Gojek: The Flow
Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand multi-service platform.
To launch Gojek's ride hailing and food delivery services into a number of new markets in South East Asia we wanted to create a visual metaphor that represents what you can expect from Gojek's services. The campaign demonstrates how Gojek aims to remove everyday frictions and obstacles to bring more people, more flow in daily life – more days when everything just works.
Take a look behind-the-scenes at one of the most ambitious productions to happen in the midst of Covid-19. We spoke to the director, Henry Scholfield, and his amazing team on the inspiration behind the concept, and the challenges they faced along the way.

Behind-the-scenes content team

Creatives: Lena Paik / Shum Qihao / Patrick Knowlton / Firrdaus Yusoff / John Bergdahl / Joakim Labraaten
Accounts: Abbe Hale / Jade Cheng
Producer: Ali Loveday-Herzinger / Mikyung Kim
Planners: Sanna Britsman / Julia Blomquist
Editor/Designer/Sound: Jason Feng
Videographer: Serge Prostakov
*Full credits for the production of Gojek's 'The Flow' below.
Gojek: The Flow
Main Film 60s​​​​​​​
Building on this concept for 'Flow', a city was created – a place where everything just flows – representing everything customers can expect from Gojek. It’s a stylised world where cars, people, motorbikes and others can seamlessly co-exist and take all the chaos out of your life. At the centre of it all is a grand a performance where people, motorcycles and cars come together in an unbelievable, coordinated stunt of an epic scale.
The stunt required weeks of careful planning and coordination. It was created by placing a notorious motorcycle “globe of steel” inside a car motordrome to demonstrate the campaign message, “Enjoy the flow”.
At the end, all elements come together in a synchronized spectacle, forming a Gojek logo. Because what better way to introduce a new brand to the market than to make the whole campaign about the logo itself.
The set took 10 days to complete and the production of the campaign film involved 25 cars, 15 motorbikes and as many stunt drivers, looping the giant motordrome 75 times.

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Singapore
Art director: John Bergdahl
Art director: Patrick Knowlton
Art director: Qihao Shum
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten
Copywriter: Lena Paik
Copywriter: Firrdaus Yusoff
Video editor/designer: Jason Feng
Client director: Abbe Hale
Campaign manager: Jade Cheng
Planner: Julia Blomquist
Engagement planner: Sanna Britsman
Agency producer: Mikyung Kim
Executive producer: Ali Loveday-Herzinger
Director: Henry Scholfield / Caviar
Producer: Céline Roubaud
Line producer: Guillaume Le Gat
Production coordinator: Aurelie Mention
Storyboarder: Vince Wei
Casting director: Kharmel Cochrane
DOP: Mauro Chiarello
FPV OP: Sergi Ros Avalos
Operator: Florian Hatwagner
Production designer: Mark Connell
Stylist: Ameena Callender
Stylist assistant: Scarlet Wallis

VFX producer: Guilow Audibet / Mathematic Studio
Post producer: Jason Bartnett
Post-production Supervisor: Clément Pignal
VFX supervisor: Arthur Lemaitre, David Tomaszewski
VFX lead: Fred Brendon, Fabien Coupe
CG supervisor: Jehan Bouazza
Flame: Fred Brandon, Fabien Coupez, Hugo Aymerich, Clement Germain, Mikel Bianchi
Nuke composite: Yann Aldabe, Daniel Rodriguez
CG: Gregory Ginsburger
Editor: Hugo Lemant
Offline producer: Stephanie Pedelacq
Assist: Vince Goy, Maëlle Masson

Producer: Yuliia Pavliuk / Shelter Film
Executive producer: Albert Zurashvili
Production coordinator: Gena Shevchenko
Production assistant: Nikita Iichenko
First AD: Aleksey Smoliar
BTS: Serge Prostakov
Editor: Joe Guest / Final Cut
Assistant: Leah Burton
Colorist: Luke Morrison / Electric Theatre Collective
Colour Producer: Oliver Whitworth
Sound Producer: Xavier Benoist
Music: Einklang Audioproduktion GbR
Photographer: Artem Nadyozhin 
Retoucher: Sveta Lytvynenko

Big Fish Production Crew: Julia Gladirenko, Mitya Prokhorov, Svyatoslav Znaechev
Insurer: Olivia Baup / Rubini & Associes

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