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Many locals have asked the same question about their city: is there anything else to see? While the desire for foreign adventure may be strong, in your hometown, it's hard to veer away from the familiar. Data from Uber shows that city-dwellers tend to visit the same places over and over. This discovery warranted a question, what would happen if locals broke the routine and took the path less traveled?
Credits to:
Hafizah Jainal, Jason Feng, Judy Cheong, Kaye Matriano, Neville Hew, Prayer Trairatvorakul, Roopa Pious
Discovering Adventure
Hidden Cities
This resulted in challenging a few residents of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and Manila to forge their own adventure by taking an Uber to the least visited places in their cities. With Canon cameras in tow, they captured unexpectedly beautiful moments in unfamiliar places. Proving that while travelling to foreign countries may surprise you, it’s in discovering your own city, that you can surprise yourself.
All these photos from our residents were curated and published as a tabletop book (designed by Neville Hew).
Cover of Hidden Cities Photobook
Inside of Hidden Cities Photobook
Social content
Expanding Reach
The campaign was amplified by both Canon and Uber on their social media channels. Localised Instagram stories were created for each of the 5 countries, shown below is the IG story for Philippines. The stories were much more casual than their long form counterparts, using native elements from Instagram such as GIFs, location tags, etc.

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