Yeo's Drinkable Garden​​​​​​​
Yeo's has been preserving iconic flavours for over 100 years. Their flagship drink is crafted from the the Hang Bai Ju chrysanthemum, but the world of chrysanthemums is much more diverse. And with each diverse flower, comes new and unexplored flavours! To commemorate Yeo's legacy as a champion of Asian flavours, we created a garden in the world's largest greenhouse. But not just any garden — a Drinkable Garden. 🌼🍹

This immersive month-long experience pays homage to the brand's iconic Chrysanthemum tea. Inside, visitors learn about Yeo's brewing process, and they even get an exclusive taste of never-before-seen flavours straight from their test kitchen!
Creative direction
Botanical design by @thishumidhouse
Directed and edited by
Filmed and graded by Gorilla Tight Media @itsdieuu @hafeezsahrin @_waynn_

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