Year with Uber
'Year with Uber' is a data-driven experience being rolled out to users in the Asia Pacific region at the end of 2017. The tool visualizes rider stats in a fun, music video format.
While last year’s campaign packaged rider history in a more straightforward data visualization, this year’s interactive experience features nearly 5,000 possible story combinations, bespoke song and lyrics, and humorously crafted animations representing the vibrancy and life of modern-day Asia-Pacific.
Visit for your personalised music video!​​​​​​​
Creative Agency: R/GA Singapore
Production: Le Cube
Audio Design: Fuse
Credits: Amrita Sareen, Celeste Ho, Imran Abdulrahim, Jason Feng, Juliette Suvitha, Roopa Pious
What Type of Rider Are You?
Ads on Facebook and Instagram, PR Media Outreach
CreativeX was involved with marketing the campaign on social media channels. We created ads in various formats ranging from video ads, Instagram stories to Facebook carousels. The campaign was amplified by articles written by multiple websites such as Mashable, The Drum, Vulcan Post.​​​​​​​
We wanted to attract audiences to visit the 'Year with Uber' experience without giving away too much. Using the amazing character animation from Le Cube, the ad introduces the 8 rider archetypes that are based on the users' riding habit.

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