This was my first campaign for SK-II, working together with the brilliant team at Forsman & Bodenfors. My role in this campaign was art direction and I will bring you through the parts of this campaign that I was involved in.


In China, 8 out of 10 single women hesitate to travel home for Chinese New Year. When their family and relatives gathers, the nagging about finding a husband and starting a family reaches its peak, and for many, becomes unbearable. 
To help bridge the generational gap, skincare brand SK-II encouraged three single women to open up and ask their parents to meet them halfway—both figuratively and literally.
The initiative was documented and launched on WeChat where both parents and daughters are present.
⁙ Trended on WeChat with 1.1 billion users.
⁙ Organic global reach 1.18 billion.
⁙ The film reached over 75 million views.​​​​​​​
The Letter
In the documentary, the three women wrote a letter to each of their families, as a means to compromise and reconcile their relationship. The letter was a pivotal mechanic in the campaign and I designed the envelope for these letters.
The envelope is a red packet (红包) that is given out as a blessing during Chinese New Year. The red packet usually is given as a gift and contains money, but in 'Meet Me Halfway', holds the heartfelt and honest words from daughters to parents. The packet has a motif of a pig as the documentary is released in 2019, the year of the pig.
Meeting Halfway
Chinese New Year in China is one of the busiest period as everyone travels great distances to return home to their loved ones for Reunion Dinner (团圆). 'Meet me halfway' is about reconciling relationships between daughters and parents but having them meet halfway–both literally and figuratively. The visual solution was to create a neon triangle that looked like a pin on a map, indicating the meeting point between the families.
WeChat Activation
The initiative was launched on WeChat as a series of three stories. The design is based on the red packet, with animated graphic details and short GIFs from the film. The first is focused on the overall narrative, followed by a story about the three women featured in the film, and lastly is reactions from social media.
The campaign was quick to pick up momentum throughout China. Within 24 hours of its release the film garnered over 15 million views, with 54 000 organic posts on Weibo alone, an indication that women all over the country felt compelled to share their stories.

Since then, more than 70 million people have watched the film, and has recorded the highest volume of earned posts for any SK-II-brand initiative. Currently, the film has a global campaign reach of 419 million.
Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore
Account Supervisor: Susanna Fagring,
My Troedsson, Abbe Hale
Account Manager: Hongi Luo, Patrik Danroth
Art Director: John Bergdahl
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten
PR-strategist: Amat Levin
Designer: Jason Feng
Planner: Leo Bovaller
Agency Producer, Film: Alexander Blidner

Production company: Tool of North America
Post-production: Cabin Editing Company
Director: Floyd Russ
Producer: Andy Coverdale
Executive producer: Brad Johns, Nancy Hacohen
D.O.P: Christophe Collette
Music: Victor Magro / Future Perfect
Editor: Isaac Chen
Sound: Lime Studios

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