Uber Regional IMC
New airport? Same Uber.
Markets: SG, MY, TH, HK, VN, PH, ID
Campaign Scope: Integrated channels
Campaign Duration: 1 year
Uber APACx launched its first integrated media campaign to target travellers going to and from airports. It is the first occasion-based marketing project that brings together data, business & consumer insights, multi-functional collaboration, regional/ local partnership and functional messaging altogether. 
Kunal, Amrita, Esh, Kaye, Jason, Roopa, Imran, Andre, Russell, Miin, Reinald, Lin, Cosette, Evan, Andy, Lemuel, Vicnan, Chany, Kai, Melissa, Arbind, Adi, Ranjan, Shivam, Cassandra, Yan Ven, Treesa, Toga, Pantitr, Grace, Saurabh, Kelly, Giang Le
Hero Film, YouTube Pre-Rolls
Production by: Frame by Frame
The main film starts off with common frustrations, uncertainties and inconveniences travellers encounter at an airport. From immigration to security checks and dealing with the crowd. However, travelling to and from a chaotic airport experience can be easy, reliable and affordable with an Uber. The film is told through distinct experiences of a family of four, a solo traveller and two business executives.
My role in these videos was to design the Uber app user interface (UI) that will be shown throughout the film. The Uber app is user friendly, however modifications have to be made to reduce the amount of clutter and exaggerate elements to increase visual clarity. This is important as each shot of the UI in the film appears for less than 3 seconds, within this short time the audience should be able to understand what is happening on the phone. The UI is then localised to 6 different languages for various markets around the region.
Aside from this, I designed the supers and graphics that appear on the film and YouTube pre-rolls as well. 
6 seconds Youtube Pre-roll on scheduling a ride on Uber
Airports Educational
Motion Graphics 30 seconds
Educational motion graphics piece, showcasing the ease of booking an Uber to and from airports. The art direction for this video was to make the animation and transitions seamless and smooth, much like the experience you get on an Uber.
This video was displayed at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City.

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