SK-II has an annual summit where they invite their employees, partners and agencies. Upcoming campaigns are being teased during the summit and this was one of the projects in development. The challenge was to create a teaser that was going to get everyone excited, for a campaign that has not begun pre-production yet. The campaign is titled 'What If?', which is a choose-your-own-adventure concept.
In order to capture the mood and style of the series, I used a mix of stock footage and footage scoured from multiple sources.
Editing, Motion Graphics, – Jason Feng
Copywriting – Firrdaus Yusoff

Music: Imagine Dragons – Thunder
This video goes into more details about the specifics of the campaign.
Editing, Motion Graphics, – Jason Feng
Copywriting – Nicholas Dufke
Voiceover Talent – Ali Loveday-Herzinger

Music: ODESZA – Meridian
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