Sephora Singapore's flagship store is in Ion Orchard, a high-end shopping mall located at the heart of Orchard Road, the main shopping district in Singapore. Sephora wants to revamp their in-store screens to show more content and to stand out amongst a highly competitive cosmetics space.
The in-store screens currently serves as category signages (skincare, makeup, fragrance, etc.), letting customers find their way around the store. As these screens are highly visible, they wanted to push the content beyond category signages. What else can be shown that will enhance the shopping experience?
I worked on the art direction, and offered some suggestions for content, such as having promotional and product content in between the category signages.
Unfortunately, the project did not go ahead because of scheduling issues, but I had lots of fun developing the art direction for this pitch.
Art Direction + Technical Considerations
This was one of the first styles I came up with that set the tone for the rest of the project. I wanted a direction that was vibrant and fun, full of colours, something that will be eye catching for shoppers. At the same time, I didn't want to go overboard with the visuals so they would not be a distraction and function effectively as signages.
There were a few technical issues as the project itself had some spacial considerations. The amount of in-store screens can be up to 20 screens wide, that equals to a resolution of 38,400 pixels wide. The easiest solution would be to create 20 x 16:9 screens and because of that, the designs had to be seamless when playing side by side.​​​​​​​

Category Signages
The primary purpose of the in-store signages is for way-finding, with that in mind, the design has to be clear and identifiable from a distance. Shoppers must be able to distinguish the different sections of the store, one of the easiest way is to use colour to demarcate the different sections.

One of the suggestions from Sephora was to utilise the screens for product marketing. There were a few variations of this idea but eventually, from a technical stand point, it would be better to have separate videos for the product marketing than to incorporate them into the category signages.

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